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Turned parts like sleeves, adapters, capnuts, nuts, injector screws, fuel injection parts, cam rings,piston, secondary piston, banjo bolts,precision steel rivets, machining of SG iron castings like engine mounting brackets, knuckle, differential, machining of ferrous and non ferrous forgings are undertaken. Parts made from single spindle auto lathes, sliding head auto lathes, swiss turning lathes etc are undertaken by us. Free cutting steel like EN1A, 9SMnPb28, medium carbon free cutting steel like EN8M, C45,S45C,EN8D are used extensively and many parts have heat treatment and other finishing operations.


Geekays Auto Components has a large base of CNC machines which comprise of turning centers and vertical/horizontal machining centers apart from conventional machinery. Turned parts and machined parts are manufactured as per print. Most products are made from bar stock . Operations like turning, drilling, milling, grinding, 4th axis milling, honing, heat treatment, electroplating, phosphating, coatings are undertaken. CNC turning, Swiss turning, CNC milling, CNC drilling and tapping are our focus areas.Precision honing of close tolerance bores are done by Sunnen auto stroking honing machines to cater to high volumes.

Turned Parts

We have a range of 2-axis, 3-axis, 5-axis, 7-axis CNC turning centers for mass production of turned parts. We also have sliding headstock, CNC lathes for complex small parts. Send us your RFQ so that we can work out a competitive solution for manufacturing your turned parts. 

Milled Parts

We have a range of 3-axis / 4-axis Vertical Machining  Centers, high speed drill tap centers with pallet changers for mass production of castings, forgings, milled parts used in automotive hydrolics, pneumatics, engineering industries. We have in-house capabilities to develop fixtures for efficient production. Our range of machining centers include AMS, Jyoti, Chiron, Brother, Fanuc, Howa, etc.


We have 3 numbers Sunnen auto stroking honing machines to manufacture close tolerance bores.

Turned Parts with heat treatment

Turned parts with heat treatment.

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